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Music, Politics and American Culture

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Troubadours & Troublemakers: The Evolution of American Protest Music 

1. From Settlement to Westward Expansion: The Origin of American Protest Songs

2. Slave Songs: The Root of American Popular Music

3. Abolitionists & Soldiers: The Rise of Militant Protest Songs

4. The Industrial Revolution: Singing their Way to Unionism

5. Labor & Radical Politics: The Music of Ralph Chaplin, Joe Hill & the IWW

6. Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger & the Songs of Patriotic Radicalism

7. Pete Seeger: The Johnny Appleseed of Protest Music

8. Bob Dylan & 1960s: The Birth of Protest Rock

9. Phil Ochs & the Protest Songs of American Youth

10. Rock'n'roll: A New Vehicle for Protest Songs

11. John Lennon: A Minstrel of Radical Protest

*2nd Edition also contains a song index!

All illustrations by J. Maxine Shaw